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THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: text and photos by Sean Arbabi   •   THE BETTERPHOTO GUIDE TO EXPOSURE: text and photos by Sean Arbabi

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURE PHOTOGRAPHYProfessional Techniques for Capturing Digital Images of Nature and Wildlife - text and photos by Sean Arbabi

DESCRIPTION:  Sean's new book hit bookstores December 2011.  Published by Amphoto/ Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, this 240-page how-to book is packed with over 240 stunning images, 10 chapters, and 10 assignments.  From planning and preparation to digital functions, composition to exposure, lighting and weather, macro and wildlife, creative techniques to post-capture editing, this book covers the gamut of nature photography.  Five star reviews on Amazon.

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REVIEWS: A+ review for text, layout, and photography (click here to read it)

This is probably the best guide to nature and landscape photography I have read. For the first and most important thing, Arbabi's images are outstanding. I enjoy photography books mainly for the images. If the photographer wins me over with the pictures, I am ready to soak up his words of advice. So, second to the pictures are the words. In this case, Arbabi does an excellent job narrating the ins and outs of getting those memorable shots. The lessons proceed organically, that is, without feeling he is going down a list of topics. Rather, he moves along seemingly naturally explaining his approach. It just so happens that he does cover all the hot topics, basic and more advanced.   - Reader (New Jersey) 5 star review from Les Schmader, Western PA, USA - A New Standard for Outdoor/Nature (March 1, 2012)

Finally, there is a book for reference from an author who actually does this and "gets it". If you're just getting started and the outdoors is your interest, this is close to perfect for the exposure basics, framing, composition and guidelines for both the proper equipment and procedures necessary.  A lot less emphasis on needing this lens to take this shot, but this is a shot you can take with this lens. And this is how it's done. More of an outdoor photographer's style and approach. We have to carry this stuff and know why.  I don't think there is an example photo in the book that I haven't taken in one way or another. That's what impresses me. I've tried everything outdoors imagineable and Arbabi covers it "all". And explains and emphasizes the procedure in the preferable, "this is how I do it, you can do it too". If you have a reasonable, initial understanding of the basics of exposure, you should have no problem applying that concept to outdoor situations. In fact, one could "almost" learn exposure based on this book as a stand alone, but I don't think that is the author's intent.  I just can't believe how valuable this information can be to a beginner at outdoor photography, whether using a dslr, an m4/3 or even a point and shoot. You simply can't learn this stuff indoors. For us know-it-all, battle scarred veterans of those unique, outdoor challenges, it's still an excellent refresher, reminder and pleasant read from cover to cover.  This book was my Christmas gift, and it is, in more ways than one. Excellent. 5 star review from LPerdue, Florida USA - Great Nature book covering 'outdoor' photography (November 11, 2012)

This is not my first nature photography (or landscape photography) book that I have read - but I will definitely say that Sean's approach to writing this book is different, inspiring, and loaded with useful information. Whether you are just beginning in nature photography or have been shooting for years - this book is different. The first thing I noticed is Sean's approach starts with how to be safe, prepared and enjoy shooting at the same time. He discussed things you need to do for day hikes, overnight hikes, or even just a stroll out in nature. I've not seen any other book discuss this - and even better, Sean actually does these things himself. You'll get information on how to apply the equipment you have, how to understand all the various components of photography including lighting and composition. I've read this book twice now and I still find interesting things I have missed the first few times through - highly recommend this book if you're planning to do any kind of outdoor photography. The book is logically broken out into various sections beginning with where to start (packing your gear and reading the camera manual). Additional chapters about metering, framing, macro, filters/flash, he covers many subjects. In addition, the book contains assignments so you can go out and practice as you finish each chapter - always an inspiration to get out and shoot.

 Portland Book Review (click here to read it)

This book is very informative and would appeal to photographers both gaining experience as well as the seasoned professional. The primary intention of the book is to help the reader understand the benefits of digital photography versus film. Such chapter titles as Nature in the Digital Age, Framing Your Outdoor Scenes, Metering the Outdoors and Lighting and Weather give the reader an idea of the wide breadth of topics the author covers in this book. The first chapter is a bit preachy with the author’s discussion of packing, planning, personal safety and the importance of nature photographers having zero impact on the environment they are exploring. The book is beautifully illustrated with the author’s photographs. There are two basic but important facets of being successful when taking photographs: the ability to “see” the shot and the technical ability to recreate what the human eye is seeing. Much of this book is spent helping the reader to achieve these goals. This is an excellent book for readers looking to improve their skills at nature photography.

ePHOTOzine review (click here to read the entire review)

Overall, this book is a brilliant guide for photographers at any level of DSLR photography who want to start, or improve, their nature photography. The imagery throughout is stunning, and not only looks beautiful but also helps the reader to understand and implement the skills they illustrate. Sean is truly a master of the genre.

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Articles | Interviews:  Aurora News - September 2012

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THE BETTERPHOTO GUIDE TO EXPOSURE: - text and photos by Sean Arbabi

DESCRIPTION:  Exposure. It’s essential to producing high-quality photographs, but mastering exposure is difficult. At last there’s The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure, packed with Sean's experience & knowledge, assignments, photos, diagrams, tips, & illustrations, this 225-page book will put you on the right track towards photographic creativity & expertise. It’s like a full-scale photo course between the covers of the book--all taught the BetterPhoto way, just like photographers learn at the top photo-instruction website. There’s plenty of info on both digital & film photography, discussing how different file formats affect exposure, how to adjust digital files, dealing with difficult lighting, color correction, combining digital exposures, & much more. Hundreds of the author’s stunning full-color images make this hardworking guide as inspiring as it is instructive.  Five star reviews on Amazon.

WHERE TO BUYAvailable in paperback and eBook (for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony)

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I bought the book and it is one of the few that I actually read cover-to-cover. It is a very concise and cohesive read and the pages don’t fall-off into the dark debts of too much information. Exposure is such an important topic, but very few people can teach or explain the theories with just the right amount of technical seasoning.  Excellent job, Sean. - Leah Haraden (Augusta, ME)

If you are new to the world of digital photography or maybe you're an amateur but still cannot fully grasp the meaning of all the terms used in digital photography like exposure, color spaces, file types, histograms etc, and want to, then let me tell you this is the place to start. This is a masterpiece of a book which should be on every photographer's bookcase or desk. Mr. Arbabi explains all of the terms that I mentioned above and more with tremendous simplicity that even the most novices could understand it. He explains it in layman's terms discarding the technical jargon and prose that many more experienced photographers and authors love to use to prove what I don't know; maybe just to impress their readers that they can write using big words but hey; who cares if they understood or not. I'm only on chapter two of this book and I just had to stop to write this review. Don't try to rush through the book. Savor it as you would an exquisite gourmet meal. This book looks more like a complete book on digital photography than it does on exposure which he masterfully covers by the way. Sean Arbabi covers it all. Great authoring job!! - Raul E. Zayas (Brandon, FL) 

I've read plenty of photography books and this one is my favorite by far. From the beginners to the pros, everyone will enjoy this book. Its full of beautiful high quality pictures with captions explaing how he took the shot. Plenty of useful advice for beginners and if you haven't picked up your camera in a while, this one will get you up off the couch and out shooting. I'm excited all over again about photography. I pretty much have photography down pack as far as the technical side and I still learned a little bit more. Bryan Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure, use to be my favorite. This one blows it out of the water. BUY IT, you won't be disappointed. Highly Recommended. I've owned it for a few days and I can't put it down. Sean Arbabi, you hit the ball out of the park with this one. - A.Obannon (Roselle NJ)

The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure is more than just another general photography guide: it's a course in a book pairing assignments with tips, illustrations, and fine photo accompaniment. Exposure is the basic key to crafting good photos: that's why it makes sense for libraries - even general-interest collections - to include an entire book on this narrowed topic. Chapters offer details for both digital and film photographers in the course of an outstanding presentation. - Midwest Book Review (Oregon WI)

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